Spa / Grooming

Our spa services range from dog and cat grooming to nail cutting and even dog hair dyeing! However you’d like us to style your cat or dog, we’ll go above and beyond to make your pet look his or her best.


Oatmeal baths, haircuts, nail trimming, and teeth brushing are all dog grooming services that our professionals are equipped to handle. Dogs should be bathed regularly to keep them happy, healthy, and odor-free. Keep your furniture and home smelling fresh with a clean pup.

We’ll shampoo, scrub, rinse, blow-dry, and brush your furry baby until he or she has the shiniest coat. If you have any specific directions or requests, we’d be glad to accommodate you. We’re open seven days a week. Let us know when would be a convenient time, and we’ll make it work. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

We use all natural hypoallergenic, tea tree, and oatmeal shampoos/conditioners in general unless a “spa bath service” is requested.

Full Spa $50+
Varies by Size

Spa Simple Bath $25+
Varies by Size

Spa Clean Up $35+
Varies by Size



Specialty Services

Keep your dog up with the latest trends - We’ll make a fashionista out of your adorable fur baby!

Whatever color or design you desire, we can make it work. Whether it’s for a holiday or just for an extra *pop* of color, our professionals will ensure a safe application of dye that’s not harmful to your pet.

Fur Coloring

Starting at $5 additional.
Varies with Style

Feather Hair Extension

Add $5 - $15 depending on feather.

Nail Polish

Add $10

Bell Bottoms

Starting at an additional $5

Full Body Mohawk

Add $5 per Small Dog
Add $10 per Large Dog

Spa Bath Services

Fabulous Facial
(add. $5 per pet)

Foaming tear-less facial helps eliminate stained fur while brightening and leaving a long lasting plum scent.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud bath
(add. $5 per pet)

Coat renewing conditioning treatment re-hydrates and rebuilds the coat while exfoliating the skin to remove impurities.

De-shedding soak
(add. $10 per pet)

Natural shampoo helps promote healthy skin & coat while the natural de-shedding solution conditioner helps release undercoat & loose hair.

Neem quick relief soak
(add. $5 per pet)

Natural Anti-fungal, healing Neem shampoo aids in the relief of hot spots, yeast, eczema, cocker crud, dry/scaly skin, and itching due to flea and tick infestations.

Derma treat medicated soak
(add. $5 per pet)

Natural Antimicrobial and antiseptic, Australian tea tree oil and Melaleuca shampoo aids in the relief of severe skin irritations including dry, itchy and flaky skin, hot spots, ringworm, flea allergy dermatitis, seborrhea, and many other dermal inflammations.

Therapeutic detangling soak
(add. $5 per pet)

Hypoallergenic calming rose and sweet milk soothing shampoo detangles the coat while cleansing and revitalizing hair and skin.

Whitening enlightening soak
(add $5 per pet)

Natural coconut oil and lavender whitening shampoo brightens coat without stripping and drying the skin.

Caressing Puppy Soak
(add $5 per puppy)

pH balanced hypoallergenic mandarin jasmine & honey tear-less shampoo gently cleanses and deodorizes your precious pup without interfering with their pH balance and keeping their skin moisturized.

Canine Massage with Kim
($25 per 15 Minutes)

Great for nervous and older dogs



Accessorize your pooch with the latest fashions and essentials. At Love My Dawg Resort and Spa, we have a selection of clothing, accessories, wee-wee pads, pet collars, leashes, dog crates, and more. Your dog will be super stylish and well-cared for with all of our accessories.

Stop by the shop to check out our full selection or to add that final touch to your pet's spa day!